What are Mozilla Firefox Skins

Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser for millions today, despite the release of strong competitors like IE7 and Safari. The one most important aspect of Mozilla Firefox, which makes it the preferred browser of “informed netizens” is its open source nature.

This allows it to seamlessly integrate thousands of small applications and utilities, called Firefox Extensions, which are developed by independent small developers and teams of them.


One such type of extension is Mozilla Firefox Skins, a.k.a. Firefox Themes. Skins for Mozilla firefox are custom graphical appearances (GUIs) that can be applied to Firefox in order to suit the different tastes of different user. Applying a skin changes the look and feel of Firefox — some skins merely make it more aesthetically pleasing, but others can rearrange elements of the interface, potentially making it easier to use.

Where to find Skins for Mozilla Firefox


The biggest source where you can download latest Mozilla Firefox skins and Firefox themes is obviously the Mozilla Addon site, you can find hundreds of fire fox skins and themes. But this is not the end. There are lots of other websites, which allow you to download and use free skins for Mozila Fire Fox. Two of the most popular sites are Customize.org and Skinbase.org.

Which are my favorite Mozila Firefox Skins

I love them all. I have a passion for them. I don’t have any count of how many of them I have tried, but the five coolest foxfire skins, which I like most are the following.

Macfox II graphite – (Firefox skin Mac) This theme imitates the MacOS X user interface. It’s not perfect — let’s be honest, none of the Mac-ish themes are — but it comes very close.

Abstract ClassicDefinitely try this one. It’s one of the best. It has a glassy look with bright blue buttons and shaded toolbars… awesome.

CobaltThis one’s very similar to Abstract Classic, only with a few seemingly random differences. For example, the tabs are more rounded.

Vista Aero– This Firefox skin makes the browser look almost identical to Internet Explorer 7. If you’re new to Firefox or just like the IE7 look better, give this one a spin.

Blue Ice– An attractive theme with ice-blue buttons. I prefer themes with a bit more flare, but for those of you who like simple, clean themes, this one is perfect.