Firefox Skins, they fascinate me.

This is the beauty of an Open Source software like Firefox browser, that there are thousands of independent developers like you and me, who develop their own source codes, which can be seamlessly integrated with the main program. And this feature gives the flexibility to the main software to suit every requirement and taste.

With the release of Firefox 3 RC1, more and more developers are concentrating on creating firefox addons specially mozilla Firefox 3 skins.

Here I am listing three of the recently created (updated) fire fox 3 skins (also known as firefox 3 themes), which I fell in love. Hope you may also be linking them.



1 Phoenity Modern

Updated May 22, 2008 | 4,010 weekly downloads | 908,907 total downloads

It is based on the extremely popular SeaMonkey Modern Firefox theme. There are a lot of other versions available on the Modern Theme. I specially liked the soft touch and smoother buttons on this firefox skin. However this skin is only for Firefox 3 RC1 and NOT compatible with Firefox 2.0.0.x and Nightly Builds.

2 Metal Lion – Andromeda

Updated May 21, 2008 | 8,809 weekly downloads | 33,560 total downloads

Clean, professional firefox 3 theme that uses ‘native’ backgrounds, which are typically based on the OS theme in use. In the latest update for Firefox 3 RC1, new images for bookmarks, sidebar/findbar close buttons and Bookmark Organizer navigation have been added.

3 Nautipolis for Firefox

Updated May 25, 2008 | 2,833 weekly downloads | 655,623 total downloads

Based on icons from, this forefix 3 theme includes support for personas, stumbleupon, chatzilla, download manager, TabMixPlus, fission/fusion, forecastfox, googlebar, googlepreview and many other features. I like its elegance and refineness.

Use them, you might fall in love with these latest Mozilla firefox 3 skins.