foxfire addonsFire fox is the preferred browser of millions round the world.

And one of the reason of its vast popularity, specially amongst the high internet usage group, is its open source nature, which allows it to integrate the third party created software pieces in the forms of Fire fox addons.

These fire fox addons are generally tested by the Mozilla community and made available via a secured connection through Mozilla Add-ons site. But sometimes these addons are also provided by the third party directly. Some of these developers provide you the direct link, which install the installs firefox addon in your firefox browser, but sometimes the addon developer provide you a download link, which just downloads the addon to your PC without installing it. This downloaded file is in the form of an .xpi file (for firefox extension) and .jar file (for firefox themes).

How to install .xpi or .jar files

There are three methods.

  1. Use File > Open and then browse the .xpi / .jar file.
  2. Go to Tools menu > Addon, which will open the Addon window. Now drag the icon of the .xpi / .jar file in this window. This will start the installation procedure.
  3. Create an install button in your Add-on manager window.
  • Open a new tab.
  • Enter about:config in the address
  • Search for extensions.hideInstallButton and Double click it to change it to false
  • This will make a Install button available to you in your Add-on window, which you can use to install any .xpi or .jar file.

firefox addons