foxmarksfoxmarks1  Firefox is the preferred browsers for the millions of the "informed" Internet users these days. The single most important reason being the endless customization possibilities possible through the thousands of Firefox addons and Firefox extensions developed by independent third parties and persons. These Firefox extensions integrate seamlessly with your firefox to make it customized as per your requirements and preferences.

And one such Firefox Extension is FoxMarks.

Today’s average Internet user has tens and sometimes hundreds of bookmarks stored in their browser. They make their life easy and give fast access to their preferred Internet destinations and websites. And if you work on multiple PCs, like home and office, then it is sometimes very difficult to synchronize them.

FoxMarks is the tiny extension, which allows you to synchronize your bookmarks across different PCs and also make a backup of them in the unfortunate instances of your firefox crashing to delete all your bookmarks.


  • Seamless Synchronization of all your bookmarks
  • Easy Backup & Restore
  • Web Access to your Saved Links
  • Mobile Access
  • Share Bookmarks with Friends
  • Even you can synch selective bookmarks through different profiles (currently under beta)
  • Import & Export Your Saved Links