Foxfire…I mean Firefox, is loved by million.

I am one among them, and consider my moral duty to add my two cents to the cause of spreading firefox, the king of open source browsers.

If you are new to Firefox, which is also sometimes called foxfire 😉 , let me tell you that one of the reason of the rapid increase in the popularity graphs of Firefox is the integration of the firefox addons, which are also sometimes known as firefox extensions or firefox plugins. There are thousands of firefox addons available, and the count is increasing with each passing day, to make your web browsing more useful, more productive and more pleasurable.

Introducing FlashBlock, the firefox addon

So here is yet another reason, why I love Firefox.

Like most of the bloggers, I am habitual of opening many simultaneous tabs in my firefox browser window. Sometimes the number of open tabs in my firefox reaches upto 10 or 12, and in such case, it is a huge load on my bandwidth. It takes huge time, sometimes running into tens of seconds to load a page, although I am on a cable modem connection. This is the precise reason, I am always on the look out for new ways to increase my internet speed.

FlashBlock, the foxfire addon in question, just blocks the flash ads and banners and YouTube videos, and many other flash snippents on your current webpage, and thus saves you huge amount of bandwidth. In place of the flash ad, it just displays a flash handle, as shown in the figure below. If you clik on this handle, you can play that flash animation at that place.

It is so easy and so useful, I can’t imaging browsing without FlashBlock.

P.S.: has reported an issue of FlashBlock interfering with the Silverlight applications, whcih you may like to check out, before installing FlashBlock.