Foxfire…I mean Firefox, the preferred browser for millions of informed netizens, is popular for its Foxfire addons. In this post, we are presenting yet another foxfire addon, which will make your web surfing more productive and pleasurable.

Read it Later

No, we don’t mean what is written above. It is jut the name of the foxfire addon, which helps you to bookmark a web page, within the browser itself and you don’t require to open your preferred social bookmarking website. It is an ideal tool for creating a bookmark list within the browser itself.

This useful firefox extension creates two buttons just adjacent to your Browser search box. The first button named as “Read Later” book,arks the current page in the list and the other button, named as “Reading List” manages the web pages, which you have marked earlier to be read later.

But, How Read it Later is different

Off course, you can use various social bookmarking sites like or digg, just for the same purpose, but I liked the neat and clean interface and a single click approach, without leaving your current webpage. it is definitely much faster way of bookmarking a web page.

The only drawback, which I see with Read IT Later is that, it clutters the already cluttered space on my browser window, with more and more firefox plugins now competing with each other to fit in within the limited space.