I love Firefox. And the single most important factor is its Open Source Architecture, which allows third party developers to develop Firefox addons, which seamless integrate with Firefox to give you huge versatility.

My latest find is InterClue, the nice Firefox Addon, which is a smart way to browse Internet so as to cut your time spent as well as your bandwidth uses.

InterClue allows you to browse Internet faster. It gives you a smart snapshot of a link, if you hover your mouse over it. I find it far better than a similar product Snap. Snap was a headache. It really added to the clutter on a web page, and I found it to be really annoying to browse a page having Snap enabled on it.


Browse Internet Faster with InterClue - the Firefox addonBut InterClue is much better. If you unintentionally hover your mouse over a link, it just pops up a small icon besides the link. And when you hover the mouse over that icon, then only the snapshot screen is opened. Far better than Snap.

Besides this, InterClue gives you much more information than Snap. It also gives information about the meta data of the page. See the screenshot, to know the power of InterClue.

Interclue can give you:

  • A text content summary
  • A small snapshot of the page
  • Sizes and dates of linked files
  • Usefule stats and metadata
  • Next actions – save, email…
  • And more. Check the options!

Despite its powerful features, many people don’t like InterClue, because they think that it obstructs their vision.

But I liked it.