make windows xp run faster Windows, it is still the preferred OS for the millions of PC users around the world. The most popular software from Microsoft has been Windows XP till date despite the release of Windows Vista as early as in January 2007. Windows XP, the ubiquitous operating system from Microsoft, was first released on October 25, 2001, and since then more than 500 million users have appreciated its skills and features.

Despite its great utility and features, some Windows users complain about the slow speed of their Windows. There are various reasons behind the slow speed of Windows. Some of them are related to the lots of extra features which enhance its visual appearance. Some are related to inefficient utilization of system resources. Some are concerned with bloated software and some are because of our laziness. You can easily enhance the performance of your Windows, whether Windows XP or Windows Vista, by following some tweaks and by following a regular maintenance schedule.

There are lots of tweaks, which can speed up Windows and make Windows run faster. Here we are presenting a series of articles, which will give an answer to your question on …

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How to make Windows Run Faster

This is a 17 post series. In fact this series has been prepared by re-organizing some of my previous posts.

You will find that these tips, in general, are in context of Windows XP. But most of these tips are equally applicable to Windows Vista as well. They will speed up Windows XP and are equally relevant to make Windows Vista run faster. Click on the following links to go to the individual tip to make Windows run faster.

  1. 50 Light Weight Software to Make Windows Run faster
  2. Convert Hard Drive from FAT32 to NTFS to Run Windows Faster
  3. Reduce Startup Programs to Increase Windows Speed
  4. Disable Indexing Services to Run Windows Faster
  5. Increase Windows speed by Disabling Unused Windows services
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  7. Increase Windows Speed by Optimizing Paging File
  8. Make Windows Run fast by Disabling Performance Counters
  9. Use Manual Windows Updates to Run Windows Faster
  10. Make Windows Fast by Adjusting Visual Effects
  11. Make Windows Run Faster by Disabling Error Reporting
  12. Disable Sounds to Make Windows Run Faster
  13. Defragment Hard Disks to Make Windows Run Faster
  14. Speedup Windows by Disabling Auto Search for Network Folders and Printers
  15. Get Rid of Balloon Tips to Make Windows Run Faster
  16. Replace Background to Load Windows XP faster
  17. Run Disk Cleanup and make Windows run faster
  18. Making Windows XP run faster by fixing system errors