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iPad Antivirus: VirusBarrier x6 – Anti Virus for Apple Mac Products

Gone are the days, when Mac products were considered to be completely safe from viruses, malware and spyware threats. As Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Mac are gaining more and more popularity, malware writers will surely get attracted towards them and even relatively newer products like iPad may not remain fool proof from security threats.

VirusBarrier x6 – First iPad Antivirus as Claimed by Them

Although there is no virus at present for iPad as stated on the website of Intego, the company behind VirusBarrier x6, but still they are pretty confident that VirusBarrier x6 will be able to thwart attempts to any potential security threat to iPads and other Mac products.

[VirusBarrier x6]

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Block, Avoid, Identify Paypal, EBay, Bank Phishing Emails with Iconix

Identity Frauds through Phishing Emails are growing by each passing day. More and more Internet users are getting scammed and losing their privacy and money to these scams.

And many times, it is due to some careless online behavior from the user itself, which is responsible for him to be a victim. A few careful steps can help you great deal to identify and prevent falling in the trap.

One of the common way to trap innocent users is to send fake emails looking to be from a genuine source like Paypal, Ebay or your Bank. Often a careful look at the email for the sign of phishing might help you to identify and avoid phishing emails. But due to the lack of knowledge and carelessness people ignore to remain cautious and get trapped.

Iconix – A Handy Way to Identify and Avoid Phishing Emails

Iconix is a freeware plugin, which when installed, gets seamless integrated with most of the Email clients and checks the original source of the emails. If the email is coming from a popular financial institution or website, which are often targeted by the phishing scammers, then a lock icon along with the tick mark appear before the sender’s name. This identifies that the source of the email is genuine.

If you want more details about this, then you can click on the icon, which will open a TrueMark Certificate verifying the source of the email.

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Wanna Help Haiti Quake Victims – Beware of Scam Relief Sites

Relief and Help for the Haiti Earthquake Victims

Today, the tiny country Haiti has been braving to recover from the aftermath of one of the biggest earthquakes to hit the world. This is huge. And for the poor country like Haiti, it is real challenge to come to terms after such a BIG disaster. Read the full story

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What is is the default Private IP address of most of the NATs and routers. This has been a standard set by the most of the manufacturers of these network devices so as to resolve the issue of shortage of IP addresses.

Crack, Find the Admin Passwords of Routers

I have seen lots of people struggling for the login and password information for the routers connected at their IP address Most of the time, the user manual, which comes with the router gets misplaced after some time, and they keep on searching for the the passwords at a later date.

Here is a complete list of Username and Passwords for the Network Routers.

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New Google Adsense Interface – Beta

Few days back, a select Google Adsense Publishers were asked to participate in a survey aimed at improving the user experience of Adsense Interface.

Based on the survey, Google has doled out a new and vastly improved User Interface and is presently under BETA testing. I was also invited to participate in the testing and I found lots of improvement over its older version. The new Adsense Interface is based on the structure of Google Analytics.

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Win $4500 Worth of Prizes – Techie Buzz Birthday Bash

techie-buzzKeith is celebrating the 3rd birthday of his blog and boy, there is a lot on offer. Its huge. $4500 worth of prizes to be won. And the response is tremendous.

It is both a happy and sad day for me.

Happy because, Keith is one of the first few persons I have met during the start of my blogging journey. I have witnessed the the good times and some bad patches in the life of And today, I am as happy as Keith, feeling the celebrations.

And sad, because, the rules of the event celebration do not allow me to participate in the bash. Yes, I am disqualified to win the prizes being a co-author of the See my posts on

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Obama Causing Spread of Malware

fake-emailIt is interesting to note, how every popular event is exploited by the malware writers and marketers to spread their malware scripts.

A recent example is the use of President-Elect Obama’s scheduled oath taking ceremony. Security Forums and advisories are abuzz about the fake emails people are getting, which try to break a stunning news something like below.

Obama has refused to be a president.

With this email, a link is given for more information.

As soon as you click on it, you are directed to a fake website, which has been created just to trap you. But in this process, one of malware gets injected into your system. Read the full story

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