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How to Optimize / Increase Virtual Memory in Windows XP

Low Virtual Memory – What to do ?

If you are a lazy person like many computer wizards, you would have encountered an annoying pop-up window many times, which notifies you that you are running on low virtual memory, and Windows is trying to increase it. If it happens once in a while, then its OK. Nothing to worry about. But if it happens repeatedly, then you need to take action, because now it has started affecting the performance of your PC.

How to optimize Virtual memory in XP

A few simple steps.

  • Open Control Panel > System.
  • Click on Advanced tab
  • Click the Settings button in the Performance panel.
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • Click the Change button in the Virtual memory panel.
  • It was lying deep, but you found it.
  • Now, you have two options. If you exactly about your system, you can choose the size of the virtual memory, otherwise select the System managed size option. It is safe.

  • Simple, isn’t it?

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Embed Google Doc presentation on a web page

There is now a tough competition for gaining the supremacy over the online office suite segment. More and more features are being included in these software.

Recently, Google Doc, which is a big player in the online office suite segment, had released a useful feature, which allows you to embed your Google Doc presentation into any web page.

I had created a simple presentation on how to do that, and embedded below.

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How to see preview of a TinyUrl hyperlink

TinyURL is useful web tool, which encrypts a long and unreadable URL, to make it small and easily remember-able URL. It is specially useful, when you send the URL through emails etc. or write a URL in forums or web forms.

For instance a long URL like following,

gets converted into something like

which is much easier to remember and fit into a given space.

How TinyURL works

Nothing new. When a person clicks a TinyURL, it gets redirected to the actual URL automatically.

Preview a TinyURL

But, using TinyURLs also has a drawback.

Most of the today’s browsers display the link in the status bar, when you hover your mouse over a hyperlink. People gets used to check this before clicking any of the hyperlink on a webpage. This gives them confidence before clicking, that the coming web page will not be a spam or will not be containing a malicious script.

But, when they see a URL, which is cloaked under TinyURL, that confidence is not there, and this can refrain some people to click that link. If somehow, it was possible to know the resulting web page beforehand, people will happily click that link.

How to see the preview of a TinyURL

So, if you wan to enable your readers to see the preview, you just have to include a :preview” before the domain “tinyURL”.

For instance, for a link like, if you give the link like

it will open an intermediate page, which will show the actual link to the user.

And if you are the user, and you want to see the actual URL before landing on a page, then you can set a simple cookie in your browser. The procedure is just one click on the “Preview Feature” on the website.

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CookiePie – Multiple Cookies for the Same Site

Cookiepie foxfire addon firefoxGmail and other similar services use cookies to detect your online presence and automatically login you, if you so desire, to let you avoid the hassles of entering the username and passwords. This saves you couple of minutes and is very useful, if you are using the computer, which is not shared with others.

But, in many case, you want to have more than one such email accounts. But since, Gmail is saving cookies in your computer, it becomes difficult to use different accounts from the same computer, and you have to logout and login each time, you want to switch from one user to the other user. Once you get used to automatic login, it looks very cumbersome.

However, with CookiePie Extension, you can do it very easily.

What is CookiePie?

CookiePie is a Firefox extension, which enables you to maintain different cookies storage in different tabs and windows. After the download and installation of CookiePie, you have to use the tab’s context menu to enable CookiePie.

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Create Hack Proof Strong Passwords easily

Creation of strong passwords is the key to online safety these days. With the rapid increase in the web applications, which require you to register with them, there are virtually hundreds of passwords, which an average Internet user has to create to sustain his online presence. Remembering these passwords is a bit tedious work, and because of this, most of us tend to create passwords, which are just easy to remember, often overlooking whether somebody can hack passwords or not. And also repeat these passwords for more than one services.

However, this leaves a hole in our defence against potential online threats. These passwords, which are not that strong, can be hacked sometimes by experts of this dubious art. These masters know the weaknesses of people to create passwords with birthdays, own names, spouse or children names, zip codes and so on.

So how to create hack proof passwords easily

This discussion brings us to a trade off, where you tend to give up the security for convenience. But I have been using a simple trick for years, which gives me fairly strong passwords, without making them difficult to remember.

I, just like any other person, think of some moderately strong password made up of only alphabets, which is easy to remember and modify it with following thumb rules.

  • Replace all ‘l’ with ‘|’.
  • Replace all ‘a’ with ‘@’.
  • Replace all ‘s’ with ‘$’.
  • Replace all ‘i’ with ‘!’.
  • Replace all ‘o’ with ‘0’.

For instance…

  • A “silki’ becomes ‘$!|k!’ .
  • A “webtoolsandtips” becomes “webt00|$@t!p$”.
  • A “windowsxp” becomes “w!nd0w$xp”.

This gives me some really hack proof passwords. Can you hack them easily ?

BTW, PC Hacks has written a neat tip about an effective way to password recovery, which allows you to change your Windows Login password without knowing the previous password. Go, check that out.

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Create invisible folder to hide important files

If you work on an office computer, which is shared by other users, then there may be some files, which you just want to hide from other users. There are many programs available on the Internet today, some are free while some require you to pay some fees, which allow you to encrypt your files o that they cannot be accessed by anybody else except you. There are other methods also to protect your files, which include protecting them with passwords. All these methods of protecting your privacy have their merits and demerits.

Here we present you a very simple tip, which require no use of any external program or web tool, but instead uses the options provided within the Windows XP operating system. This method is not a foolproof method of protecting your files, because anybody with a thorough understanding of Windows XP can get the access. It is like hiding the money under your mattress, money is there, if anybody is hell bound to search for it, he can get the access. However, the tip is simple, and easy.

How to hide important files and folders

First you have to create a folder and place all your sensitive files in it. This method will just make it invisible to others, although it will be there be available in your PC.

Right click where ever you want the invisible folder to be and select create a new folder.

invisible folder1
Right Click > Click Rename. Delete any name so that nothing is there in the name. Hold down ALT key and press 0160 on the number pad (make sure Num Lock is on).

invisible folder2

You will have a blank name. But a folder icon is still there, which can tell anybody that something is there.

To hide this icon, Right click the icon and select Properties.

 invisible folder3

Open the Customize tab.

 invisible folder4

Click on the Change Icon button and select an icon, which has no image.

 invisible folder 5

Hit OK and you are through.

invisible folder 6

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How to extend trial period / reset trial period of demo software


The purpose of this post is not to encourage the software piracy, but just spreading the knowledge.

Today there are many applications and software available on the Internet, which have great utility and are distributed as demo software. The developers of these demo versions usually disable some of the important features of these software. If you want to use these features, then you have to pay for buying the complete version.

Another method used by the developers is to allow users to use the software only for a limited period after which these software get expired an you have to again pay for continuing using that. The purpose of both these methods is to get you addicted to using that software and then ask you the money.

However there are certain methods by which you can extend trial period of these demo software and continue using them even after the expiry of the validity period.

PC Security blog has written a nice tip on How to Extend / Reset Trial Period of Software. Check it out.

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