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Protect Your Privacy from Data Stored in Photocopier Hard Drives and Memory

photocopier hard disk privacyNowadays companies all over the world have started taking more and more measures to protect their privacy and data. They are now using firewalls, security software, anti-theft components, network protectors and things like that.

But there is one important device, which often gets overlooked. This is your photocopier.

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Protect Online Privacy and Security from Google

It is an undisputed fact that Google is the BIG Brother of today’s World Wide Web. You will wonder to know how much personal information about you is possessed by Google with its free and useful services like Gmail, Orkut, Google Search, FeedBurner and other similar services.

If you just want to take a look, Log in to your Google Account and click here. You will be taken to a page, where all the web searches you have made are chronologically stored in Google Web Search History.

If this fact that Google is storing all your private information bother you, then you may consider to stop Google from storing it and thus, can protect your online privacy and security, just by Clicking on the Pause link in the left hand side menu on the same page.

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Blocked Files – How to Delete, Rename or Move Locked Windows Files

Many a times, it happens that Windows does not allows you to delete, rename or move a file or application, stating that it is already in use. Whatever you try, but all your efforts are in vain. This also happens with malware files, which simply refuse to get deleted.

In such situations, you have to find the Windows Processes with which that particular file or application is associated. But how to do that?

LockHunter is a freeware tool to do the job in such a situation.

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Out Of Office Email Notice – Risks and Care Needed

Today’s Desktop Emails clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and others, and web mail email clients like Gmail, have Out Of Office Email Notice features built within themselves. These features allow you to notify the email send that you are out of the office and are not in a position to reply the email.

All this is done automatically and many computer users make an extensive use of this feature. However, most of them are unaware about the potential threats associated with this feature and care to be taken while using it.

How to Avoid Spammers by Exercising Care with Your Out Of Office Email Notices

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How to Remove WinXP Balloon PopUps – Windows XP

WinXP Balloon PopUps – What are they

Even after Microsoft has discontinued shipping Windows XP operating system a few months back, many of the systems still operate on Windows XP operating system. A little less than half of the visitors of this blog still use Windows XP as their operating system.

One of the major question raised by the users of WinXP is how to remove or block the annoying pop-ups, which appear from your system trey or task bar, when you are busy working at some serious stuff. Although they contain some useful information, but many times they are plain useless and tell you something, which you already know about your system. In such cases some people want to know, how they can remove these WinXP Balloon popups.

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Ping Sites Automatically with – Easy Social Networking

Pinging your Social Networking sites is a common activity done by most of the regular Internet users very often. If you are active on social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you know what I am talking about. These social networking sites have an option using which, you can do automatic pinging and update your profile status. I know many users, who do it many times in a day.

But, it takes lots of time. Can you imagine how time consuming it can be to ping sites one by one. Its really boring, and time consuming.

Thanks, there are a few services, which ping sites automatically for you.

1 Welcome to

It does a great job here.

You just have to get an account and enter your login information of different social networking sites. After that you can automatically ping sites with your current status just by pinging It will update your status on all the sites on its own. Simple.

2Although it looks promising, but I find getting the same job of pinging SN sites done easily with SocialThing equally easy, and it seems they are offering more features than is in BETA, and you need to have an invitation code to get an account.

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AideRSS | Empower Google Reader to filter out best from worst

RSS is one of the most important tool in a Blogger’s arsenal. Whether it is being used to distribute your content to those not directly visiting your site, or reading others’ content without actually visiting them, RSS is a tool, which is truly indispensable in today’s online world.

There are lots of RSS Readers, but Google Reader is the preferred RSS Reader for most, including me.

And there is now yet another reason, behind it.

Welcome to AideRSS.

Despite tremendous usability of Google Reader, one thing, which I have always lamented about it is its inability to differentiate between good and bad, bad and worst..

There are hundreds and thousands of feeds available, and when you come across a new feed, you are always puzzled, whether to subscribe to it or not. Believe me, at one point of time, I was subscribed to about 200 of tech blogs, and it was quite a task to actually prune that list to fifty odd or so.

But now AideRSS provides a simple solution, at least for the first level screening.

AideRSS is a Firefox addon, [Get the invitation here ]which rates the feeds on a scale of 1 to 10, based upon several factors. They call it PostRank. It is actually based upon several factors like Diggs, comments, stumbles, reactions and a few more. So, now you have an option. If you find a feed with low PostRank, you can presume it to be not that good as a post with high PostRank. I know that the system is not foolproof, and the quality of a post is sometimes a personal observation, but still it is a decent tool to quickly screen the better ones from the average ones.

Besides, that, AideRSS also allows you to categorize different posts within a feed in different categories of Good, great and Best. Choose your option, and the posts matching your selection will only be visible to you. Rest will be hidden.

So, in nutshell,

  • Read What Matters: Identify best content with the help of PostRank™ in GoogleReader.
  • Filter Any RSS Feed: Adjust and filter any RSS feed – reclaim your time.
  • Hide Filtered Content: Find the needle in the haystack and boost your productivity.
  • Join the Conversation: View social statistics and join the best conversations with ease.

It is a real cool web tool. Use it to believe it.

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