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Orb24 | A decent, if not best "Free File Sharing Program"

1 If you are looking for a FREE File Sharing Program, then there are many options available today. Just search for “free file sharing websites“and you will find lots of sites, which promise you to be the best. Some are really cool and useful, while some are crap. But Orb24, a newly launched file sharing site, is really worth taking a look at.

Welcome to Orb24

What I like most in Orb24

The best part of Orb24 is its neat organization of different file types. It stores different file types in a neatly organized way, and it is very convenient to find and share these file. Yet another feature, which is lacking in many other file sharing services, is the different file types supported. This free file sharing utility even allows you to convert old video tapes, slides and film prints to DVD and save them on their website. You are given a personal account, which you can access any time to share files online and access them.

They also provide a Search facility on their website, which you can use to search videos over the web and store them at your account. It is not just a FREE file sharing service. But I find it to be a complete backup and online storage solution. It’s got everything email, integrated search bar, conversion, backup, inventory tools, and media galleries.

This is FREE upto 1GB. For an upgraded account of 6GB, you need to shell out some money.

best online file sharing site

What can you do with Orb24, the free file sharing program

  • My Videos: Add video files and share them
  • My Photos : Add Image files and share them
  • Convert Old Videos to DVD
  • Store, Access and edit your personal and business documents.
  • Search Internet for videos that interest you and add to your Orb24 Library.
  • Search for any Photos, Document or Video within your account
  • Use your orb24 Email address ( to send and receive emails from friends and family.
  • Upload MP3 files and enjoy your music playing while using Orb24.
  • Keep a record of your current and past medications and medical history

This is really cool. Use orb24, the best file sharing program, well almost.

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SplashUp | Not just-another FREE online image editor

The use of Online Image Editors is increasing day-by-day. And this is the reason for the upcoming of lots of online image editing programs nowadays. The best part of using an online image editor is that it extends the desktop image-editing power in a web browser, going where you go.

Here we have found another one, well not just another, because it has some really powerful features, which are really useful for amateurs as well as for professionals.


Enter SplashUp.

Splashup, formerly Fauxto, is a powerful online image editing tool and photo manager. It’s easy to use, works in real-time and allows you to edit many images at once. What’s more, you are not required to even register with them, although registration gives you more power and more features.



Splashup runs in all browsers, integrates seamlessly with top photosharing sites. SplashUp even has its own file format, which allows you to save your work in progress.

splashup1There are a lot of tools available in Splashup like crop, In canvas text editing, re-sizable windows panels, layering concepts, heavily improved work flow etc. It even allows you to capture images from your webcam or USB Camera. You can upload online images from top image sharing sites.

Splashup is not just a FREE online image editor, but it is also a image sharing tool. The edited images can also be shared instantly.

What are the feature of this online image editor

    • Seamless integration with photo sharing sites
    • Resizable windows and panels
    • HUGE interface overhaul
    • Lasso
    • Crop tool
    • In canvas text editing
    • New and heavily improved open/save workflow
    • Copy selection to new layer
    • Corner radius on marquees and rectangles

This is a really nice FREE online image editor. Use it to feel it. You will like it.

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MeGlobe | Instant Message Language Converter / Translator

Instant messaging (IM) and chat are technologies that facilitate near real-time text-based communication between two or more participants over a network. Windows Live Messenger is the most popular IM client today with 294 million active worldwide.

Language plays a major role in any form of communication and Instant Message Language is an important factor behind the popularity of an IM client. This is the reason why QQ, used mostly in China, is probably the largest used Instant Messaging Client in the World, but most of us do not know about it.

But I just discovered a new Web 2.0 startup, which breaks the Instant Message Language Barriers and allows you to receive Instant Message in your preferred language.

Welcome to MeGlobe


Convert Instant Message Language with MeGlobe The free web client of MeGlobe lets you type in your own language, but sends a translated version, in real time, specific to the native tongue of whomever you are chatting with. Use of MeGobe is super easy, no downloads are required, you don’t need to install anything. Just register with them and start using this Instant Message Translation service.

But where is the Web 2.0 part here ?

It is interesting. They have made this IM language converter user driven. They acknowledge that it is very difficult every time to correctly translate the emotions with a machine. And so they have built in a feature, which allows you to edit the translation. These IM language edits are remembered by MeGlobe, thus making it better and better.

These contributions are used to teach MeGlobe™ to become a better translator. Every correction from the community brings us closer to our goal of erasing the borders of language. Creating a universal translator has huge potential, but requires lots of work. By no means has it been perfected, but with your help we’re getting better every day.

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Tags: | Test website design in different browsers

As a webmaster, I often need to change the layout and designs of my blog so as to keep it interesting and easily accessible to my visitors. But howsoever care you take, there are always chances, that what your visitors see is not exactly what you are aiming at.

The reason being different people use different browsers, and although following one common language, are sometimes not able to exactly decipher the language, and hence organize the data in a different manner. Thus it is always possible that what you are seeing is not exactly same as what I am seeing, although we both may be on the same web page.

So, as a webmaster, it is extremely important for me, to test my website in all most of the browsers available.  So here comes the nest question.

How to test your web design in different browsers


One way is to load different browsers. Well it is technically possible, but it is not practical. I have four Browsers, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, but there are virtually hundreds more. What to do then.

Welcome to

It is a useful web tool, where you just have to enter the URL of a website, and it will give screenshot of that URL in as many as 60 (YES 60) popular browsers.

Yes, it is a powerful web tool.

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Large File Sharing services that are not PANDO

Online File Sharing of large files is a thriving business these days. This segment is getting hotter and hotter these days with more and more companies getting their feet wet.

One such file sharing service, which I have been using, is Pando.

Pando is free P2P software that makes downloading, streaming and sharing of large media files fast. It allows you to share files upto size of 1GB FREE (pro version allows 2GB). You can also publish these files, photos, videos or audios to any web site.  No registration is required and you can use your existing email. And the best part is that you don’t have to be online when recipients download.

There are lots of reviews of Pando on the  web. One thing, which bother me about Pando is the Ads, coming with their FREE version. No, I accept their need to generate revenue, but the kind of ads – I mean those smileys, making different noises when you keep mouse over them, is just irritating.

Besides Pando, there are lots other services, which you can use for large file sharing. They have their own pros and cons. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Provides direct links to files. So you are not required to go to a landing page to get their download. Although they allow you to share files upto 1GB, but their FREE account allows only 10MB.
  • [See my review on] Offers built in previews. A simple and impressive interface. Doesn’t require any registration. Newly added features include free sending and receiving of faxes and voice recording. The free account has a 100MB storage limit.
  • Foldershare: [See my review here] Although it is primarily a File-synch utility from Microsoft, but it can easily be used as a file sharing service. Simple and easy to use.
  • File Dropper: Only two steps to using File Dropper, upload your file and share the URL. But not as feature rich as You cannot edit your files and you cannot allow others to add files or notes to your URL. But they allow you 5GB, capacity.
  • FileMail: Allows upto 2GB. No need for any registration.Facility of multiple file uploads. You can send URL from the same interface to the recipients email.
  • Windows Live SkyDrive: A service from Microsoft, huge 5GB of free storage space. It works on a folder-based system, and you can categorize the files in different folders like personal, shared, and public folders. But you need to have a WIndows Live ID in order to use SkyDrive.

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How to verify email address

Email marketing is hugely popular method of making money online despite the fact that email client software are getting smarter day by day to catch the spam. Actually spamming the mail boxes, is not that profitable today, as compared to white-hat method of opt-in list building, where the webmasters actually give some freebies and lure the visitors to sign up for their newsletters. These newsletters are used later on to send targeted information about the affiliated products. But creating and maintaining a email list is a huge task for today’s Internet marketers.

Here comes the basic question.

How to verify email address ?

Email Address Verification is a basic task required for email marketing. The prime motives behind the process of verification of email address are….

verify email address 

  • To verify email address lists, with a purpose to remove duplicate entries and invalid or expired addresses.
  • Verification of the email address for their syntax, DNS and SMTP
  • Creation of your own own rules to fine-tune verification
  • Trying to verify the geographical location of the sender of the email.

There are many email verification software programs available in the market, which give you a comprehensive solution to your question about How to verify an email address. But here we present you three FREE online basic tools, which let you validate email address so as verify if an email address is valid, properly formatted and really exist.

However be warned.

Giving an email address to such an online program, may sometimes be harmful, because who knows the real motives of the developers of these online email address verification tools.

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Download Torrent files without using a torrent client

Downloading torrent files generally involves the hassles of installing a torrent client software, which help to manage the downloading of the file.

But some people find installing the torrent client to be a cumbersome process. For them, there is a easy solution.

Welcome to BitLet.

BitLet is a useful web tool, which allows you to download virtually any torrent files, without installing any torrent client. All you have to do is to copy the link of the torrent file in the field given on their homepage, and click Download torrent.

It also supports the resume download, which allows you to start the torrent download exactly from the place, where it was stopped last time.

There are several Torrent search engines like fenopy, bitoogle and suprnova, which callows you to search for your favorite torrent file and directly download that through BitLet. At this place, let me add that mininova is my favorite torrent search tool.

BTW, haven’t you started using the free useful software from Google yet, then

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