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Start Hotmail Secure Login – Expire Passwords After 72 hours

Even with the popularity of the Email services like Yahoo and GMail dominating the web-based email service marketplace, Hotmail is still used by plenty of users worldwide.

To make its services more secured, Hotmail has now allowed its users to let their passwords expire after 72 hours, if they opt for it. This may sound as added hassles for many of the users, but if you are really concerned about the security of the passwords, then this is for you. Opting this option, will require you to reset your password after 72 hours.

You can use this link to use this hotmail security feature.

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Computer Rootkit Activity Protection – Detect Rootkits with FSecure Blacklight

What are Computer Rootkits

A rootkit is a collection of tools (programs) that enable administrator-level access to a computer or computer network. Typically, a cracker installs a rootkit on a computer after first obtaining user-level access, either by exploiting a known vulnerability or cracking a password. Once the rootkit is installed, it allows the attacker to mask intrusion and gain root or privileged access to the computer and, possibly, other machines on the network.

A Typical Rootkit Activity in Computers

Typically, rootkits act to obscure their presence on the system through subversion or evasion of standard operating system security scan and surveillance mechanisms such as anti-virus or anti-spyware scan. Often, they are Trojans as well, thus fooling users into believing they are safe to run on their systems.

F-Secure BlackLight – Protection Against Computer Rootkit Activity

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Cloud Scanning Virus, Malware from Computer – Free Comodo Cloud Scanner

Today’s Antivirus and security suites are based on signature detection. This approach has lots of limitations as the it takes lots of crucial time between the instant when a threat is detected and the instant its signatures are updated into the database of the user.

Cloud Scanning to detect virus and malware takes a different approach. It is basically community based virus detection. As soon as a malware is detected in one single machine, other computers are warned and protected from that threat. All the users are not required to download and install the latest signature files every day.

The reputed security vendor Comodo has just released their own version of Cloud Scanner Utility, which is available totally free for download and use. Comodo Cloud Scanner is designed to be an easy to use tool that will scan your system for malware and suspicious files.

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Find, Monitor Connected Devices, Computers In A Network

If you are a Network Administrator for even a medium sized computer network, it is extremely important to monitor connected devices and have a watch over their activities from a security point of view.

Network Scanner, from Lizard Systems, is an IP scanner for monitoring connected devices and scanning both large corporate networks with hundred thousands of computers and small home networks with several computers. The program can scan both a list of IP addresses or computers and ranges of IP addresses. The number of computers and subnets is not limited.

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Free VPN Software – Secure Client for Anonymous Surfing

Free VPN Software – A Solution for Secure, Web Surfing

If you are concerned over the growing security and privacy threats because of the websites and online frauds keeping an eye on your online behaviour, then you should consider browsing and surfing web anonymously using a Free VPN Software.

VPN is basically a Virtual Private Network, in which your computer acts as a VPN Client and a distant machine of the VPN service provider acts as a VPN server. In this manner an impenetrable tunnel is provided to your computer and the Internet, which prevents snoopers, hackers, ISP’s, from viewing your web browsing activities, instant messages, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send over the network.

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WordPress Security Plugin – WordPress Antivirus

WordPress is an open source blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL which can also be used for basic content management. It has many features including a user-friendly workflow, a rich plugin architecture, and an advanced templating system. It was first released in May 2003 by Matt Mullenweg as a fork of b2/cafelog. As of September 2009, it is being used by 202 million websites worldwide.

And, it is a fact the Blogger may be hosting the most number of blogs, but WordPress is the blogging platform of choice, for millions of serious bloggers.

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Check, Show, View, Manage Windows Processes With Process Hacker

We have earlier covered two useful tools, which allowed you to manage windows processes and freeze windows processes easily. Apart from knowing the details of the running processes currently on your computer, such applications also provide you security by notifying the hidden processes, often leading to malware detection.

Process Hacker is yet another Process Monitoring tool, which also allows you to manage them efficiently. It is an open-source project having lots of features to make your life easier to manage windows processes.

Features of Process Hacker include…

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