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Test Computer for Installed KeyLoggers

Apart from Phishing, Keyloggers are one of the key factors contributing to the rise of cases of Identity theft in recent times. Keyloggers are not the old hardware types anymore, which could easily be spotted by a careful visual inspection of your computer wires and cables.

Today’s keyloggers are smart. They have the capabilities to hide themselves deep into your software applications and operate from there. And they are easy to install and control for a remote person, thanks to some careless attitude of many of the victims.

How to check, if your computer already has a Keylogging Software installed?

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Remote Wireless Keylogging for Sniffing Wireless Keyboard

wireless-keyboard-keyloggerWireless Keyboards are getting popular day by day due to the convenience offered by them. But the data transmitted by them is always susceptible to sniffing and people have been working on methods to catch the data transmitted by these Wireless Keyboards for the purpose of keylogging.

The data transmitted by a wireless keyboard fade considerably after a distance of about 10 meters and it gives a sense of security to the user. But the fact is that powerful receive antenae can easily catch these signals beyond that distance and this makes the use of wireless keyboards susceptible to wireless keylogging.

Way back in 2007, a small swiss firm had been able to break the encryption code of Wireless Optical Desktop 1000/2000 keyboards. Now the same firm, in collaboration with, has announced the development of a remote keyboard keylogging device, which can snife and interpret the keystrokes of a wireless keyboard.The present version requires the device to be placed in close proximity to the wireless keyboard, but who knows that soon they will be able to catch the signals of a wireless keyboard from a distant place also.

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A beginners guide on how to remove keyloggers

1 This post will introduce a simple and free keylogger removal utility, but let us first know a little bit more about Keyloggers.

Keystroke Logging, often called Keylogging, is the dubious art of capturing and recording Keystrokes as you type on your keyboard. The sole purpose of Keylogger spyware is to spy on your data, collect sensitive information and provide it to others for fraudulent uses, although sometimes keylogger software are also used for benign purposes also.

There are basically Three Categories of Keyloggers.

  • Hardware Keyloggers: They are physically connected either within your keyboard or between your keyboard and your PC.
  • Keylogger Software: They reside within your PC software.
  • Other Types of Keyloggers: Besides the above types, there are other types of keyloggers also like Remote Access software Keyloggers,  Remote Access Hardware Keyloggers also known as Wireless Hardware Keyloggers, Wireless Keylogger sniffers and Acoustic Keylogger, but are not so common.

How to get rid of Keyloggers:

Hardware Keyloggers can be easily prevented, if you are vigilant enough. You just have to be more careful while allowing access to your hardware. And if you cannot avoid it, just keep regular watch on the cables and keyboards.

To remove Keylogger Software, there are multiple techniques used, depending upon the type of keylogger program being used. Following techniques are commonly used by the anti keyloggers.

  • Use Anti-spywares: Many of the keylogger freeware are able to detect most of the keylogger freeware and remove them. So use a good quality Anti-Spyware program.
  • Use Good Firewalls: Firewalls do not remove keyloggers but they spy keyloggers and prevent the data being transacted by them to their remote masters.
  • Automatic form filler programs: This is a smart way to secretly enter your username and password without using keyboards. Something like Google Toolbar. But if you prefer to disable keyloggers in this manner then you have to be sure of the form filler program and that should be trustworthy.
  • Web Based Keyboards: The are also used to prevent keylogger activities. Many websites provide an online keyboard just near the username and password fields. You can use them through your mouse. No Keyboards keys are used and hence you avoid keylogger detection.
  • There are many other techniques like use of Alternative keyboard layouts, Speech Recognitions, Handwriting recognition etc., which are not that popular but are effective to disable Keylogger activities.

If you want to have a decent free anti keylogger software and not in the mood to search more, then KeyScrambler is a FREE download to stop Keylogger. KeyScrambler Anti Keylogger is also available as a browser addon for Firefox 3. You can safely download it from Mozilla Firefox 3 addon site. KeyScrambler has released the latest version of this useful Anti Keylogger program.

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