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Save Windows XP Campaign crosses 200 Thousand mark

Windows Vista was touted to be the biggest disappointment of 2007. And now, Microsoft also indirectly admits it. That is the reason why it is seriously considering extending the life of Windows XP, which was scheduled to die on 30th June of this year.

Well, we are talking about the Save XP Petition Campaign, which is being run by InfoWorld to request Microsoft to extend the deadline of 30th June. IT is the day, after which Microsoft will not be shipping Windows XP anymore. This is not being liked by many of the XP fans, who just refuse to embrace Vista no matter how hard Microsoft works to persuade them.

They always keep on complaining that Vista has

  • Hefty hardware requirements
  • Less-than-peppy performance
  • Occasional incompatibility with other programs and devices, and
  • Frequent, irritating security pop-up windows, to name a few.


The count is already claimed to have crossed more than 2,00,000.

And what is the reaction of Microsoft. They are not sleeping. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Thursday that the company may reconsider its decision to stop selling Windows XP on June 30. At an event in Belgium, Ballmer told reporters, “If customer feedback varies, we can always wake up smarter,” according to an Associated Press report.

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Delete Web Search History from Google

Google, is the undisputed DON of today’s online world. Their ubiquitous presence is the testimony of the simplicity of their web interfaces and the utility of the wealth of information they present to Google users and that too mostly free.

But they have to collect heaps of information about you and your searching patterns, before they are able to serve you what you want. Sometimes, people get scared about the loads of information Google collects about your online behavior.

If you are not convinced, then head over to this link and sign in with your Google Account (C’mon don’t tell me you don’t have a Google Account).

You will be amazed. All the search queries, you have keyed in the past, are neatly stored in daily folders. Now you get scared, am I right. Hey, I don’t even remember what I ate yesterday in breakfast, and Google knows so much about me!

So, what to do now.

This is the data, which Google uses to serve you the customized search results. This is the data based upon which Google serves different search results, when you and me search for the same query.

Leave it as it is, if you are happy with Google, and continue the same relationship with them.

Or, alternatively, delete your web search history, stop them for future, or delete some of the shady items from your search history. Do whatever you want.


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Twitterfone | Send Voice Messages to Twitter

Twitterfone is the latest buzz from the promoters of Twitter.

Released in Beta testing mode a few days back in US, UK and Ireland, Twitterfone allows you to dial a local number and leave a message, then have your message transcribed and posted to your Twitter account. Till now you could use Twitter through your cellphones and computers but with text messages only. This will allow you to twitter even while driving without even bothering to take your eyes off the road. Cool, isn’t it.

We foresee lots of similar services coming in future with the true benefits of convergence coming our ways.

But right now, it is only in Beta testing.

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WeeFolio | How to make a Simple Portfolio

How to make a Portfolio with WeeFolio

Many students, small time professionals, models, photographers, WAHM require to make their online portfolios of their work to display their skills. Many of them do not have the time, skill or money to develop a full-fledged website to showcase their skills and they are on the look out for a simple and FREE portfolio maker for it.

WeeFolio is a service, which answers your query of How to make a portfolio that is simple, easy, quick, and most importantly, FREE. This online portfolio maker is only for the total beginners. If you are on the look out for a feature rich solution or if you need to display a large catalog, then off-course this will not suit you.


SignUp is just a one minute process. You just have to have an email address and that’s it. No confirmation email to click. And you can then add list upto 10 of your creations to your online portfolio.

But remember, the service is still in its BETA and yet to be officially launched.

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Search and Share videos with WorldTV

Searching and sharing for videos on the Internet is increasing day by day. There are countless number of websites, where you can share your videos with others. There are many websites today, which use sharing of videos as a promotional tool. They prepare some cool videos about the topics, relevant to their area of operation and upload on these video sharing websites. Relevant tags are also attached to these videos, which help the searching of these videos easy.

But from the user point of view, sometimes it becomes difficult to search videos on so many websites. Even if you are able to search them, problem comes, if you want to bookmark them, so that they can all be accessible from one point.

WorldTV is a cool search and share video facility, which allows not only to find various video websites simlutaneously for a particular topic, but also you to bookmark / store all your search entries from one common place so that you can access them and also share your favorite videos from one place.

It thus virtually helps you to create your own TV channel on the Internet. I had found some cool videos with the keyword “Google”.

I f ound a really interesting video related to Google Brain. You can also see it at my page here at

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Search video help for any problem

Instructional video (or video help) is the in-thing today.

With the rapid increase in the bandwidth availability of Internet usage, there is a sudden burst of new video applications developing these days. New services are being evolved, new software are being written. And all these require instructions for the new users.

A recent trend for making the instructions understandable is to give video help by creating instructional videos. These are the small video clippings, which are basically screen cast, and explain the procedure of using a software in real mode. These videos are very easy to grasp, as you see alive example on your computer screen.

But how to search video help.

Welcome to How Do I.

This is a neat idea, executed wonderfully, to let you do a Google video search on major video websites like YouTube etc. There is simple form, where you type your search query (for instance, type How do I create a wordpress blog), and it gives your video search results in a flash.

What is more, you can also integrate the video earch query in your blog or website, as I have done below in this post. If you really like the application, you can also add it to your sidebar. But remember to bookmark this page, before you head on to type a search query, because search results will be shown on a different page in the same window, and I want you to enjoy reading this blog more.

How do I

However, one thing I noticed. This application works like any other video search application. If you type any other query, not related to instructional videos, then also this web tool is able to give you desired results.

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Convert Text to Speech with VozMe

VozMe is a free web tool,  which allows you to convert text into speech

To convert the text to voice, you just have to type your text into a box provided on VozMe, and it will convert the text into an mp3 file, which you can download and use enywhere. The quality of this audio file is pretty good and you can also use it your websites, blogs etc. or can have fun with. iGoogle users, can also integrate Vozme into their homepage.

VozMe also makes available java scripts and codes for the bloggers and webmasters to integrate into their blogs and websites, which allow users and visitors to listen the text. One more thing, the text to audio conversion facility is also available for Spanish, besides the default English.

Nice web tool.

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