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Make, Create AutoRun CD Free with Compact AutoRunner Software

AutoRun was introduced in Windows 95 to ease application installation for non-technical users and reduce the cost of software support calls. When an appropriately configured CD-ROM is inserted into a CD-ROM drive, Windows detects the arrival and checks the contents for a special file containing a set of instructions. For a commercial application, these instructions normally initiate installation of the software from the CD-ROM.

If you are a software developer or compiler, and want the functionality of autorun in your CD, then there are a few freeware available.

Compact AutoRunner Software – A freeware Autorun CD Creator

Compact AutoRunner is one such freeware which does the job just perfectly.

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Increase Net Speed Software Free – From SolarWinds

Steps to Increase Net Speed

In case you are on a LAN and wondering why the speed of your LAN is slow while using Internet or other works, then the first thing you have to do is to analyze the traffic flow of your network.

You have to first ascertain, which users and applications are consuming most of the bandwidth and then take steps like isolating them so as to increase the overall net speed.

And here is a free tool to help you analyze and increase your net speed.

SolarWinds Real-time NetFlow Analyzer is a free desktop tool that captures and analyzes NetFlow data in real time to show you exactly what types of traffic are on your network, where that traffic is coming from, and where it is going. If you are new to NetFlow, we’ve bundled another free tool with your download – NetFlow Configurator – to help you remotely configure NetFlow v5 via SNMP on supported Cisco® devices.

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Remote Power On PC – Wake On LAN from SolarWinds

If you are a network administrator of your company LAN and want to save the few minutes wasted in the Power On process of each individual PC on your LAN, then you can try to use the Remote Power On PC feature.

It will power on the PCs before the employees come to their seats thus saving a few minutes and increasing their productivity.

How Remote Power On Feature Works

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Setting / Change Default Programs in Windows Computer – DPE

When you double-click a file to open it, Windows examines the file name extension. If Windows recognizes the file name extension, it opens the file in the program that is associated with that file name extension, otherwise, it gives you a list of application to you to let you choose the one, which you think is most appropriate for that file type.

Although, you can change the program that is associated with recognized file name extensions, but often users do not find it easy to do. Thankfully, there is a light-weight freeware application, which can do the job pretty easily.

Default Programs Editor (DFE)  – An Easy Way to Change File Associations and Much More

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Free File, Archive Manager Software – PeaZip [Open Source]

PeaZip – File and Archive Manager Software

If you are searching for a good File and Archive Manager Software, which is a freeware also, then PeaZip may be worth consideration.

PeaZip can extract most of archive formats both from Windows and Unix worlds, ranging from mainstream formats as 7Z, RAR, TAR and ZIP to experimental ones like PAQ/LPAQ family, currently the most powerful compressor available.

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Remote Desktop Sharing, Free & Easy Screen Sharing Software – LogMeIn Express

Remote Desktop Sharing

Today’s connected world has really attempted to delete the meaning of the word “distance” when it comes to online computer help. With remote desktop sharing, you can use a remote computer just like you are sitting next to it.

There are lots of ways and means to implement remote desktop sharing, but I have found that many of them require installation or tweaking important settings. There are situations, when the person sitting at the remote desktop is not so computer friendly and he struggles even to start the basic remote desktop sharing session.

The ease of usability is an important parameter to consider, when it comes to measuring the success of a desktop sharing software or application.

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Password Protect USB Data With Portable Free Encryption Tool

USB’s have obviated the needs of carrying bulky disks and laptops. They have made the life easier for people whi have to frequently carry data to different places.

But convenience comes at a cost. The small size of USB sticks has increased the chances of you forgetting, misplacing or loosing it. And with it, you also loose the data stored on it, which may be sensitive in nature and can cause damage to your privacy and safety.

The best way to get protected from loosing your private data is to password protect USB Data with some sort of encryption tools. There are lots of USB Data Encryption Utilities available, but I am sot of fond of portable utilities, and here I find a useful free portable USB Encryption Tool.

USB Safeguard – A Useful Portable USB Data Encryption Tool

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