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Delete, Remove Virus, Malware with Norton Power Eraser Free

Today’s security applications are signature based. The mechanism is such that they are always lagging behind a malware attack in reaching the ultimate users. The result is that howsoever smart and effective your security software is, there are always chances that your computer may get infected from the circulating malware and viruses.

remove malware virusNorton Power Eraser, NPE, is a freeware tool, which can attempt to find and remove such deep rooted, hidden and tough-to-detect malware and virus infections. Unlike other security applications, it does not provide you a real time protection, but is developed to be used for cleaning an already infected computer.

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Software to Hide Computer Files & Folders – Freeware

If you want to hide your private data, files and folders on your computer, then most people prefer to use encryption techniques and tools. But the problem with encryption is that it makes people suspicious. Encryption doesn’t hide your files and folders. It merely makes them inaccessible from un-authorized users. Anybody looking at these inaccessible files and folders might be tempted to know, what exactly is there behind that encryption and try to break that encryption.

What if, you are able to simple hide the files so that other people do not even know that they even exist on your computer. Will not it be better.

MyLockBox, is a freeware utility, which allows you to password protect any file or folder, and the password protected folders are hidden from other people accessing your computer, even the administrators and the system itself. You can use a simple hotkey to bring your files back to action.

Features of LockBox

  • Very easy in use
  • Almost any folder on your computer can be password protected
  • Instant protection – no file scrambling or moving to another place
  • Lockbox folder is inaccessible even by the system administrators
  • Lockbox folder is inaccessible both locally and remotely.
  • Lockbox folder can be protected in Windows safe mode
  • Windows XP x64 support
  • Hotkeys support – you can popup Control Panel with a simple keystroke.
  • Skinned user interface
  • Freeware

[Download LockBox]

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Real Time RSS Feed Reader / Notifier for Desktop – Feed Notifier

RSS (most commonly expanded as “Really Simple Syndication”) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.

They are the hallmark of Web 2.0 sites and provide a great way for the users to flip through their favorite blogs and websites quickly from one place, without needing to go through each of them one by one.

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Protect, Hide, Store and Send Files Secretly Under EXE Cover

If you want to hide your important secret files and folders so as to send them to somebody confidentially, then one way is to wrap them in an .exe container locker with a password. The recipient will have to unlock them with the help of the password to access the files contained within the EXE container.

There is a freeware utility called ProtectMe, which can be used to hide, store and protect your important files under EXE cover.

Protect Me! 2010 creates secure executable (.exe) container files to which you can add any files and directories you want to! Your files will be stored securely inside the container file.

To ensure a maximum of security, Protect Me! 2010 uses SHA1 for password validation and AES for encryption.

This is a freeware utility and works on all presently used versions of Windows.

[Download ProtectMe]

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Change DNS Server IP Address Settings With Few Clicks [How To]

Domain Name Server, termed as DNS in short, are servers with a specialized task of translation (resolution) of humanly memorable domain names and hostnames into the corresponding numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the second principle Internet name space, used to identify and locate computer systems and resources on the Internet.

DNS Servers allow the Internet to go human-friendly and increase its usability. They are generally maintained by your ISP’s although there are public DNS server applications like OpenDNS and Google’s Public DNS as well.

How to Change the DNS Server IP Address Settings

You have to go deep down to your Windows settings and change the IP address settings in the TCP/IP Protocol settings of your network connection every time you want to switch your DNS Server settings. With so many useful DNS services available today, it sometimes becomes difficult to manually change them as it is also difficult to memorize them all.

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Folder, File Manager Utility for Multi-Pane Drag & Drop – QDir

Windows default File Manager utility is a pain in the ass, when you use it for large scale drag and drop. In such cases, you might require to have a utility, which can open different files and folders in different panes, so that you can use drag and drop features for quick file management.

Q-Dir – Advanced File Manager

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List, Compare, Print or Save File List in Windows Directory or Folder [Freeware]

MS DOS had a very easy command “dir > prn”, which could easily print the list of all files and sub-directories in a directory to the printer. Unfortunately Windows does not have any such default built-in command.

But still there are situations, when a Windows user want to list, print or save the list of files and sub-folders contained in a folder. At times you may also like to compare the contents of the files contained in two folders for which you may have to save the list.

GetFolder is one such freeware utility, which allows you to do the job perfectly. It allows you to save the content of a windows folder in any of the four formats like csv, txt, html or xml. You can then manipulate or print the saved data in any manner you like.

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