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Run firefox faster with these keyboard shortcuts… Part-II

Firefox is my preferred browser due to it being an open source browser with ever increasing base of firefox addons.

A few days back we had presented five useful keyboard shortcuts for running your firefox shortcuts. Here we present yet another set of five useful shortcut keys for firefox, which will make you less dependent on your mouse and more on your keyboard, making you work faster.

5. Backspace: Go Back one page in your browser history.

It replaces your browser’s “back button”. Excellent useful shortcut.

4. F11: Expand to Full Screen view, toggle action.

It hides your title bar, menu bar, address bar, and status bar and thus

3. CTRL-K: Move cursor to Google bar to searchMOdern browsers know the use of Search fanctions and thus all of them incorporate Search engines within the browsers window itself. With this keyboard shortcut, you don’t require mouse click to move to the search form.

2. F5: Refresh the current web page

If your page fails to fully load, or you need to update the weather report or sports score on your page, simply use this classic f5 keyboard tool

1. CTRL-D: Bookmark the current page

Simple but effective.

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Protecting your firefox passwords

Today’s browsers are highly professional; fast, more secured and flexible.

I have been using all the four important browesers viz. Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer, and I recommend Firefox, even after the launch of Internet Explorer 7.

Many of the features like tabbed browsing, live bookmarks, Google Toolbar etc., are now found in both Internet Explorer 7 and in Firefox, but the open source nature of Firefox and the ever increasing list of addon’s tilt the balance in favor of Firefox.

If you haven’t yet got switched to Firefox, do it now. You will love its speed if not anything else.

That said… let us not forget that this post is about how to secure your passwords with firefox.

Today, many websites or services available on internet, ask you to register with them and with the registration, you are given a unique username and password. An average user, is oer burdened with tens and hundreds of passwords and it becomes very difficult to remember each of them. Generally users make three four passwords and use them on all sites. Firefox makes your life convenient by offering to remember your passwords and usernames and whenever you visit the website, these are automatically inserted.

This is a very useful service but very risky, if your computer is used by others. These passwords can easily be seen by any other person using this computer.

But Firefox allows you to keep them secured with a master password. Whenever anybody tries to see your stored password, Firefox asks him to enter the master password and thus keeps you safe.

How to protect passwords with Firefox

  1. Click “Tools > Options” menu.
  2. Go to the “Security” tab > click on “Show Passwords” button in Passwords block.
  3. A window will open with all the website names and user names you have stored for each of them. At the bottom, there will be a button “Show Password”. Click it.
  4. It will seek your confirmation, and after you confirm, lo…..all your stored passwords are here. Now you must be feeling the urgency to protect your passwords.

To protect your passwords…

  1. Go back to step1.
  2. Click on the”Use Master Password” check box.
  3. Enter the master password in the next window.

But caution: You must do remember this master password, because there is no method to retrieve this master password, at least I do not know.

Independent Thoughts:
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Firefox browser keyboard shortcut tips….Part I

Firefox, the browser.

I am one of the millions of die-hard fans of Firefox across the globe. Even after the launch of Internet Explorer 7, I like it for its speed, its security features, its live bookmarks and most importantly itsopen source nature, which allows thousands of independent developers to develop firefox addons and firefox extensions to give it more versatility.

Firefox addons are best part of Firefox, with more than about 200 addons available for you to download and have fun. Firefox addons like FoxyTunes (MP3 player), AdBlock Plus (block ads), StumbleUpon (website discovery), DownThemAll! (download functions) and Web Developer (web tools) are probably the most useful and popular of them all.

If you still don’t use Firefox,

Here we present you five small keyboard tips and tricks, which will make your firefox more faster and pleasurable.

5. ALT-D : Quickly move to Firefox Address Bar

Before typing a new URL in the address bar, press Alt-D. The cursor will move to the address bar and the existing URL will be highlighted. Type the address of your new page.

4. CTRL-Enter: Type “www…com” quickly

Instead of typing full completely, just type webtoolsand tips in the address bar and press Ctrl-Enter. See the magic, “http://www.” will be prefixed and “.com” will be suffixed automatically.

3. CTRL-Mouse wheel spin: To enlarge or shrink page font size

If you found a webpage, where the font size of the text is either too large or oo small, no problem. Hold down the Ctrl key and rotate mouse wheel. Font size changes incrementally. Great useful tip.

2. CTRL-T: Launch a new tab

My favorite.

1. SHIFT-Click a link: To open the link in a new window

Simple, no need to explain further.

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