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Auto Lock Computer Screen With USB – Free Download

Auto Lock Computer Screen – The Need

If you are working in an environment, where you have to leave your computer on for a few minutes and you are worried that somebody might access your computer and get information, then you have some windows options, which will auto lock your computer. They will require the person to enter the user password to get the access.

However many times, the passwords are not secure. There may be keyloggers installed on your computer. There may be some malware infections, which can transmit the stored username and passwords to a remote location, or something like that.

In such a  situation, you might consider to use a hardware lock for your computer. And using your USB stick as your computer lock might be a great idea for locking computer screen.

Predetor – Use USB to Auto Lock Computer Screen

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Another Reason Why Firefox is the Safest Internet Web Browser

safe internet browserFirefox is the default Internet web browser for the millions of “informed netizens”, who care for their security and privacy. I have been using Firefox as my primary browser for the last three years ever since I started blogging. And apart from its security and safety feature in this safe internet browser, what I like most is its open source nature, which allows hundreds and thousands of independent developers to work over it and develop third party plugins, extensions and addons to customize the web browser to all individual needs.

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Speedup Firefox and Surf Web Faster-Clean SQLite Database

speedup firefoxFirefox is my favorite browser. Not because it is best in terms of security aspects, or user features or speed of browsing, but because of its open source nature, which allows hundreds of developers to build modules and addons, which seamless integrate with it to provide you a customized web surfing experience.

Mozilla Links has recently published a post describing a neat way to speedup firefox and surf web faster. It is by defragging its SQLite database.

If you are not aware, SQLite is an ACID-compliant embedded relational database management system contained in a relatively small (~225 KB) C programming library. The source code for SQLite is in the public domain.

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How to Logout from Firefox Master Password After Timeout

password securityBasics of Password Security

In this era of Web 2.0, there are tens and sometimes hundreds of websites and forums, where you have to create an account and have a username and password and you want them to be secure also. Two of the basic premises of password security are …

Always use strong passwords: which are 8-14 characters long, do not contain any dictionary word, do not contain any of your personal information like name date of birth etc., are a mix of alphabets, numbers and special characters and have a blend of small and capital letters.

Do not repeat same password at a number of sites.

With so many expectations, it is next to impossible for an average computer user to remember all these passwords without the use of a password manager tool. There are lots of them available, some paid and other on free basis. But it has been observed them because of several reasons; sometime due to lack of knowledge about their availability, sometimes due to complexities of their operations and sometimes due to fear of sharing their passwords with a third party

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How to get rid off Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box

This blog has earlier carried a post on how to Restore last session in Firefox. Firefox restores session automatically, which you had opened last time, in case of system crash or some unexpected errors. But this tip explained how you can do that every time you open firefox.

But after that post, I had received mixed reactions.

A few of my readers have appreciated that cool tip and found that very useful. But yesterday, I was contacted by a reader, who found this feature bothering him too much. He even wanted to get rid off the built-in feature of Firefox, where it prompts you to restore firefox session after it had closed due to some unexpected error or a system crash. So, how to do that.

How to get rid off Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box


This is even easier. You just have to change the value of the browser.sessionstore.enabled flag. It’s easy.

firefox restore session

  • Type about:config in your Firefox Address bar.
  • Select browser.sessionstore.enable
  • Double click to change the setting to false

Simple. Now you will no longer get the Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box.

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Restore last session in Firefox – Recover, Save Tabs

firefox logoI love firefox. So much that I am working on a dedicated blog on it.

Firefox is today the preferred browser for millions and millions of the web surfers. The best part of this fast and secure browser is its open source nature, which allows thousands of developers to create firefox extensions, firefox addon, firefox skins, firefox dictionaries and much more, which seamlessly integrate with your browser to give it a personalized touch.

And, it is fully supported by Google, the undisputed DON of Internet.

If you haven’t yet started using Firefox, then you can . And if you have been using Firefox, then there is a great set of free web tools from Google just for you. You can

Coming back, the present post is about the tip on…

Restoring last session in firefox

Firefox users know that one of most useful features of Firefox is its ability to restore the last session, by opening all the tabs, which were open when your system crashed and you lost the track. But this happens only if your system halted on its own. If you yourself exit Firefox, then the firefox will start from its home page.

But you can change this setting easily so that even if you exit firefox manually, it will open all the tabs next time, which were open when your pressed the Close button.

restore firefox session

  • Click on Tools menu > options.
  • Click on the Main tab.
  • Change the setting in “When Firefox Starts” field to “Show my windows and tabs from last time”.
  • Save your settings.

This feature of firefox is really useful. You know small things do wonders to add your browsing experience.

How to remove firefox restore session feature (Edit)

Even if you do not implement the above given trick, Firefox restores the last session in case it closes due to some error or system crash. There are certain times, when you want to disable that feature. Check our post on How to get rid off Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box.

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How to Open Multiple Home Pages in Firefox

I love Firefox, the browser.

I love Firefox due to its speed, its usability, its versatility, its addons and its user friendly approach.

Here is another reason for you to start using firefox browser. It gives you the ability to make more than one webpage as your homepage. For instance, if you want that whenever you start your browsing session, the first pages you see are your emails, your blog comment page, your adsense page and your analytics page, then you can setup your firefox browser to open all of them in different tabs automatically when you first open the firefox.

Go to Tools > Options.

In the Main Tab, you will see the field Homepage. Here you can enter as many webpage addresses as you want. These webpages must be separated by a pipeline “|” character. and save your settings.

If you don’t want to write each and every address manually, then use the “Use current pages” button. It will all the currently open pages in your firefox browser to the homepage field for you.

A simple, but really useful tip, which saves me 2-3 crucial minutes, and lots of hassles.

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