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How to install xpi firefox addons

foxfire addonsFire fox is the preferred browser of millions round the world.

And one of the reason of its vast popularity, specially amongst the high internet usage group, is its open source nature, which allows it to integrate the third party created software pieces in the forms of Fire fox addons.

These fire fox addons are generally tested by the Mozilla community and made available via a secured connection through Mozilla Add-ons site. But sometimes these addons are also provided by the third party directly. Some of these developers provide you the direct link, which install the installs firefox addon in your firefox browser, but sometimes the addon developer provide you a download link, which just downloads the addon to your PC without installing it. This downloaded file is in the form of an .xpi file (for firefox extension) and .jar file (for firefox themes).

How to install .xpi or .jar files

There are three methods.

  1. Use File > Open and then browse the .xpi / .jar file.
  2. Go to Tools menu > Addon, which will open the Addon window. Now drag the icon of the .xpi / .jar file in this window. This will start the installation procedure.
  3. Create an install button in your Add-on manager window.
  • Open a new tab.
  • Enter about:config in the address
  • Search for extensions.hideInstallButton and Double click it to change it to false
  • This will make a Install button available to you in your Add-on window, which you can use to install any .xpi or .jar file.

firefox addons

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Foxfire Addon for Blocking Flash Ads

Foxfire…I mean Firefox, is loved by million.

I am one among them, and consider my moral duty to add my two cents to the cause of spreading firefox, the king of open source browsers.

If you are new to Firefox, which is also sometimes called foxfire πŸ˜‰ , let me tell you that one of the reason of the rapid increase in the popularity graphs of Firefox is the integration of the firefox addons, which are also sometimes known as firefox extensions or firefox plugins. There are thousands of firefox addons available, and the count is increasing with each passing day, to make your web browsing more useful, more productive and more pleasurable.

Introducing FlashBlock, the firefox addon

So here is yet another reason, why I love Firefox.

Like most of the bloggers, I am habitual of opening many simultaneous tabs in my firefox browser window. Sometimes the number of open tabs in my firefox reaches upto 10 or 12, and in such case, it is a huge load on my bandwidth. It takes huge time, sometimes running into tens of seconds to load a page, although I am on a cable modem connection. This is the precise reason, I am always on the look out for new ways to increase my internet speed.

FlashBlock, the foxfire addon in question, just blocks the flash ads and banners and YouTube videos, and many other flash snippents on your current webpage, and thus saves you huge amount of bandwidth. In place of the flash ad, it just displays a flash handle, as shown in the figure below. If you clik on this handle, you can play that flash animation at that place.

It is so easy and so useful, I can’t imaging browsing without FlashBlock.

P.S.: has reported an issue of FlashBlock interfering with the Silverlight applications, whcih you may like to check out, before installing FlashBlock.

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Foxfire (Firefox) addon for reading it later

Foxfire…I mean Firefox, the preferred browser for millions of informed netizens, is popular for its Foxfire addons. In this post, we are presenting yet another foxfire addon, which will make your web surfing more productive and pleasurable.

Read it Later

No, we don’t mean what is written above. It is jut the name of the foxfire addon, which helps you to bookmark a web page, within the browser itself and you don’t require to open your preferred social bookmarking website. It is an ideal tool for creating a bookmark list within the browser itself.

This useful firefox extension creates two buttons just adjacent to your Browser search box. The first button named as “Read Later” book,arks the current page in the list and the other button, named as “Reading List” manages the web pages, which you have marked earlier to be read later.

But, How Read it Later is different

Off course, you can use various social bookmarking sites like or digg, just for the same purpose, but I liked the neat and clean interface and a single click approach, without leaving your current webpage. it is definitely much faster way of bookmarking a web page.

The only drawback, which I see with Read IT Later is that, it clutters the already cluttered space on my browser window, with more and more firefox plugins now competing with each other to fit in within the limited space.

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ScribeFire | Firefox addon for blog posts

Scribefire is a nice Firefox addon, which acts as a free blog writer tool. You can add multiple blogs to Surefire and choose the one which you want to post. The best part of Surefire is that since it is a Firefox browser plugin, it gives you the opportunity to surf the net while posting.

There are few quick points, which I observed while using Surefire for a few minutes.

  • It does not allow the option for the links to open in a new window. You have to manually add target=β€œ_blank”.
  • There seems to be no option to wrap the text around the inserted images.
  • Nice features of changing the size and colors of the text.
  • ScribeFire gives you the option of inserting Technorati tags and using the same tags for as well as inserting trackback URLs.

Overall a nice web tool for those who want to post quickly and cannot afford to open a separate application away from their browser window.

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Free Firefox addon to download pdf files easily

PDF files are notorious for slowing your computer. If you click a link of pdf document on Internet, many times, the browser gets extremely slow, sometimes just hanging. This specially happens with Firefox.

It is specially irritating, when you expect to go to a web page, but instead of that, an external program like Acrobat Reader starts opening to deal with the target pdf file. This is the reason precisely, why good website, tell you beforehand that this is a pdf link. For instance, you will find pdf written in Googel search results against the pdf files results.

So, how to dowload pdf files easily.

With firefox, it is very easy.

Download the “Download pdf” addon for firefox, install it and have peace.

Whenever you click a pdf link, the following options will be given to you, and you can easily choose what you want to do.

PDF Download Screenshot

Nice tip.

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