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Komodo Dragon Browser Review

If you have reached this page through search engines, chances are that you are searching for a more detailed review of the famous browser from Comodo. But the fact is that it is known as Comodo and not Komodo web browser.

Many people get confused with the name because of its similarity with the name of a huge species of lizards, that inhabits the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Gili Motang in Indonesia. You can have more information about the Komodo Lizards on the Wiki page here.

But if you are looking for the a review of the Comodo Browser, then I would suggest you to check out the Comodo Browser Review from the PC Security Blog.

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Open or Access Blocked Internet Web Sites Free at School

IT Administrators at many schools and universities, colleges and even companies restrict or block lots of web sites on Internet. Many a times this is done to avoid the users accessing these web sites, which they believe, are wasting the useful time of the computer users.

At other times, blocking of the websites is done for the purpose of Internet Censureship.

Whatever be the reason, if you want to open or access blocked Internet web sites, without spending a dime, then you should try UltraSurf. It is a freeware utility, which uses a free proxy platform to allow access blocked web sites. It allows you to surf anonymously without leaving a trace irrespective of any blocking firewall or software.

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[Private Internet Browsing] Beware – Websites Can Steal Your Browser History

With the ever increasing number and ways of Internet threats, the concerns about Private Internet browsing also increasing with each passing days. The data about your browsing habits, what you like and what you not, which sites you often visit; all these stuff is becoming more valuable both for fraudsters as well as advertisers, who understand the importance of targeted advertising.

One of the most common pool of information about your browsing habits is your browser itself. For years, your browser history has been used by the scripts and malware developers to steal that important information about you. And it is surprising to note despite the presence of this weakness for years, most of the browsers have not yet been able to come out with a definite solution for this privacy issue.

There are some easy scripts, which can get this data from your browser in seconds. I just came across two such scripts.

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Need of Safe Internet Browsing – A Nice Short Clip

The need of Kids Safe Internet Browsing requires no emphasis. Here I found a touchy video depicting the same. Nothing new, but nice picturization.

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How Different Internet Browsers Update themselves [Safe Browsing]

update-browserImportance of Internet Browser Updates

Internet Browsers are the windows through which your computer can see and interact with outside world. It is highly important to protect it with a shield, which can safeguard your security from the dangers of outside world. And browser updates are like enhancing the effectiveness of these protective shields.

Running the latest updated Internet browser is the single most important step you can take towards ensuring your security on the web. I have seen many people not taking any pain for updating their browsers. They think it as the waste of their time.

Please DO NOT overlook it. No other task is as important as updating your browser. Yes, believe it.

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How to Delete Web Browser History with Wipe 2.35

delete-web-browser-historyWeb browsers is the weakest link in your computer with which your Internet Security can be compromised. It is understandable also, because it is the place, where your computer interacts with the outside world.

Importance of Web Browser History

Web browsers remember your browsing history. They keep a record of the websites, where you have visited, they know where you clicked. They use this data to customize your browsing experience and make it faster to surf the web depending upon your browsing history. This way, browsing history is an itegral part on any internet browser and add to the convenience of the user.

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7 Toddler-Safe Web Browsers for Your Kid’s Internet Browsing

toddler-safe-web-browsersToday Internet has been the most important source of information for all age groups. While it presents lots of social and educational benefits to its users, there are lots of risks and hazards associated with the web browsing, specially for kids and and toddlers.

The risks of  Internet are higher for children because they are more vulnerable to get exploited. There are many risks for them like…

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