With the ever increasing number and ways of Internet threats, the concerns about Private Internet browsing also increasing with each passing days. The data about your browsing habits, what you like and what you not, which sites you often visit; all these stuff is becoming more valuable both for fraudsters as well as advertisers, who understand the importance of targeted advertising.

One of the most common pool of information about your browsing habits is your browser itself. For years, your browser history has been used by the scripts and malware developers to steal that important information about you. And it is surprising to note despite the presence of this weakness for years, most of the browsers have not yet been able to come out with a definite solution for this privacy issue.

There are some easy scripts, which can get this data from your browser in seconds. I just came across two such scripts.


One is available at SartPanic. StarPanic.com is as website created for raising awareness about the private Internet Browsing. On the home page, you will find a button “Lets Start”.

internet private browsing

Click on that button, and within a few seconds, you will find a list of sites, which you have recently visited. The exact code of the script used is not revealed by the website, but it seems that they are using some Javascript to determine this private information.


Yet another script is available at LinuxBox website. They are also giving the details of the mechanism in which they gather the private date from your web browser.

A lesser known function in Javascript is currentStyle, which returns the CSS properties for an element in the document. Most web browser keep a record of visited URLs, so by setting different styles for a and a:visited, we can programatically determine if a link displayed in the document has previously been visited. Or, to put things more simply: your browser shows visited links in a different colour. Javascript can be used to spot that change in colour, hence tell if you’ve visited a particular site or not.

It seems that the NoScript Firfox Addon can help you to get rid of such browser weaknesses. NoScript Firefox Addon is surely one of the robust security and privacy tool for your Firefox Browser. But it takes the funpart out of the browsing and makes Internet a dull space. And also, there is no such alternative available, if you are using some other browser.