Hyperlinks are lifeline of a website.

They make a page, as website. They ensure you the Search Engine Rankings.

…And they also break the rankings. Yes we are talking about broken links or missing links or dead links in a website. They are the worst thing for SEO and search rankings. And it is extremely important to find and remove the broken links from a website. But it is a difficult and time consuming task to find the broken links in a website.

How to find the broken links:

 Welcome to LinkChecker.

This firefox addon, will ensure you to quickly find the broken or dead links on a webpage. To identify the link status it follows a color coding, as shown below.

red – broken links
yellow – forwarded, forbidden links
green – good links
gray – skipped links*

You can find a test page here to see the LinkChecker in action. Kevin A. Freitas, the developer of this popular firefox extension, is constantly developing it.

Nice useful web tool for SEO and web development.