If you have reached this page through search engines, chances are that you are searching for a more detailed review of the famous browser from Comodo. But the fact is that it is known as Comodo and not Komodo web browser.

Many people get confused with the name because of its similarity with the name of a huge species of lizards, that inhabits the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Gili Motang in Indonesia. You can have more information about the Komodo Lizards on the Wiki page here.

But if you are looking for the a review of the Comodo Browser, then I would suggest you to check out the Comodo Browser Review from the PC Security Blog.

It gives a nice review but suggests to prefer the popular and regularly updated web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome saying that…

Despite these useful features and security enhancements, I would still believe that security update is a very important factor behind the security of a web browser. With a vast pool of resources and information available, browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, are in a much better position to detect and counter a potential vulnerability as soon as it is exposed. Howsoever efficient Comodo is, they cannot match the huge resources and efforts, Google can put in to immediately detect and plug-in a security hole in its browser through security update..