delete-web-browser-historyWeb browsers is the weakest link in your computer with which your Internet Security can be compromised. It is understandable also, because it is the place, where your computer interacts with the outside world.

Importance of Web Browser History

Web browsers remember your browsing history. They keep a record of the websites, where you have visited, they know where you clicked. They use this data to customize your browsing experience and make it faster to surf the web depending upon your browsing history. This way, browsing history is an itegral part on any internet browser and add to the convenience of the user.

But, this data also reveals a lot about your personality; your preferences, your choices and sometimes sensitive pieces of information about your financial positions etc. This data, if landing in the hands of wrong persons, can potentially do a lot bad things to you. So, taking appropriate actions to safeguard your web browsing history is an important aspect.

How to Delete Web Browser History?

Every Web Browser has its own set of menu and settings. And the settings to delete your browser’s history is sometimes not so obvious. Many of the users, who are aware of the importance of clearing their web browsing history while working on a public computer, doesn’t know exactly how to delete their browser history and so overlook it.

Wipe 2.35 is a neat utility just for them.

Wipe 2.35 is a free, easy and powerful tool to clear user browsing history, clean index.dat files, remove cookies, cache, logs, delete temporary internet files, autocomplete search history and any other tracks that user leaves after using PC.

Wipe supports clearing tracks in Windows Xp and Vista, in the most popular browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera, Chrome), and in many other program that you use. Every month new version comes that help Wipe recognize and clear tracks in newly released software.

And the best part is that is it 100% clean.

Softpedia guarantees that Wipe 2.35 is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

Download Wipe 2.35