Modern Web browsers are smart. They are fast, they are intelligent and are able to record every activity of yours in their history. This gives them speed. With the stored browser history and their cache, they are able to quickly retreive web pages, which you often visit.

Recording your browsing history has many advantages, but every good thing is associated with an evil. The world is like that.

And this browser feature is no exception. The obvious disadvantage is that it breaches your privacy. Anybody, who opens you computer in your absense may know, which websites you had visited in the past.

What information is stored in browser history

Following are the main types of information, which is generally stored by the browsers.

Cookies: These are the small text files used by Web sites to store information like site customizations, previous search results, or login names. Since most of the cookies are named after their website, they can easily reveal where you had gone in the past.

History: Recorded by the browser to let you search the past, in case you have forgotten to bookmark an important page visited earlier.

Forms: The information like various user names, billing addresses, phone numbers are the sensitive information, which is used by the browsers so that you don’t need to type them again and again. But this information can easily be misused by others.

Cache: The earlier visited pictures and web pages are temporirily stored so that if you visit next time, the page is quickly loaded. So, now you come to know, how important information is stored in your browser history.

So, how to clear the browser history

Different browsers adopt different methods. We will quickly let you know about them

Internet Explorer

  • Click Tools>>Options.
  • To delete cookies, go to General tab. Click the Delete Cookies button.
  • To clear your history, click the Clear History button. If you want to selectively delete the web pages, then Click History button in the IE main menu window. A side bar will appear with all the sites you have visited in recent past. Use right Click > Delete.
  • To clear cache, click the Delete Files button. Check the “Delete all offline content” check box and then click OK.
  • To clear form information, Click on the Content tab > AutoComplete button. Then click the Clear Forms button.

With these four steps, now your Internet Explorer is almost clear of your history.

Look out this space to learn how to clear your browser history in Firefox and Opera.