This is the second part of the two part series on How to delete browser history. In the first part here, we have told, what information is generally saved by the browsers in their history and how to delete browser history in Internet Explorer.

In this post we will tell you a method for deleting firefox and Opera browser history.


It provides a one-stop solution for deleting private information.

  • Click Tools > Options and select Privacy tab.
  • To delete cookies, select Cookies tab > click Clear Cookies Now button.
  • Similar “Clear all” buttons can be found under the History, Saved Forms and Cache tabs.

There is also a shortcut for deleting private information.

  • Click Tools > Options.
  • Click Privacy tab and Click Settings button.
  • Under the Private Data, choose, what items of history you want to delete.


Click Tools > Delete private data.

Click Advanced button and specify the items of history, which you want to delete.