toddler-safe-web-browsersToday Internet has been the most important source of information for all age groups. While it presents lots of social and educational benefits to its users, there are lots of risks and hazards associated with the web browsing, specially for kids and and toddlers.

The risks of  Internet are higher for children because they are more vulnerable to get exploited. There are many risks for them like…

  • Inappropriate Material: Like pornography and child abuse images
  • Physical Danger: Use of chat rooms for developing relationships
  • Bullying
  • Illegal Behaviour
  • Illegal Activity
  • Divulging Personal Information

In such a situation it becomes extremely important for the parents to safeguards the interests of their kids and toddlers by providing them Internet access through Toddler-safe web browsers.

But, what are these Kids-safe Internet Browsers?

Kid Safe Web Browser allows your child to surf only the sites that you can filter as per your choices. These Toddler safe web browsers are specially programmed for kids to ensure that they have no spyware and adware, they can block certain objectionable web content through various algorithms, generally come with parental control access and pop-up blockers. They allow kids to surf approved sites only.

Which are the best Toddler-safe Web Browsers?

There is nothing like best or worst here. It all depends on the algorithm. Different web browsers use different technique to filter the nappropriate web content. Some exercise stricter control, while some can let a moderately objetionable content pass through.

You will have to test them yourself to get a fell of them and decide whether they are suitable for your requirements or not.

Here is a list of some popular Toddler-safe Web Browers.

  1. Buddy Browser
  2. Glubble
  3. Kid Zui
  4. Kid Rocket
  5. PikLuk
  6. Kidoz
  7. My Kids Browser