After the recent crackdown of Google on Paid Text Link Ads on Blogs and websites, this highly disputed way of making money with blogs had been ignored by most of the bloggers.

But now, I have been recently contacted by for a review, which is yet another system of trading, selling and exchanging text links on your blogs. Since, I have been seeing lots of bloggers using it, I thought why not give it a test drive. So here is it.

What is

It is marketplace for selling text links on your website. You earn credits for it, which you can exchange for buying text links for your website or simply you can sell them for getting few dollars. For displaying links, you have to add a code on the web pages on your website, and you are given the freedom to choose which pages on your website you want to advertise. automatically searches for the content on your webpage and displays contextual text links of the advertisers already registered with them.

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!


The “price”, which you get for each sale is calculated automatically and is mostly dependent upon

  1. Google PageRank (PR) of each page,
  2. website category,
  3. link popularity,
  4. and number of outbound links.

Advantages to Webmasters

  • You can sell links on any and every page of your website, meaning more profits.
  • Easy code installation, no more individual link building.
  • The price for each link is calculated automatically, and it is fair for all.
  • The system is Secure and Confidential: No public list of users. All sales are automated.
  • You can choose your advertisers yourself. Learn more about it here on Digital Point forum thread.

Advantages to Advertisers

  • It improves your site ranking in search engines as the links are in HTML and can be read by Search Engines.
  • You can place millions of non-reciprocal links to your site automatically.
  • Links are contextual and are placed on relevant pages
  • Geo-targeting is possible.
  • Since it is a new service, still in its BETA, the prices are among the lowest on the market. For as low as $11 a month you may get up to 10,000 static links to your website.
  • Convenient interface.

They also have an affiiate program, where they reward you to bring new members to their system. They are also running a unique schemes for new members, where they will give 2000 credits for you as a new member. You can use these credit points to earn text links to your websites or exchange them with other members. If you want to sale or purchase these links, then you can also do that but such transactions are “taxed” as high as 25% (12.5% from both sides), which I think is quite high.

It is fact that today many bloggers are flocking to be a part of their network. Today I checked their site, and found following data, which is quite impressive for such a new service.

Users: 51,301, (daily growth: +0.31%)
Sale speed: 4,866 Links/Hour
Pages in TNX database: 32,914,292
Text link ads sold: 22,872,631

But despite all these advantages, I am refraining myself, at least for present, from adding their code to this blog, because it is also a fact that participating in such a massive link trading network can easily be tracked by the Big ‘G’, and I don’t want to burn my fingers yet again, specially after last year’s Google Slap on some of my blogs.

This is my personal opinion. If you want to be part of that network, go ahead and click the banner below. It will directly take you to the sign-up page of

Buy 10,000 links for just 12 USD a month. Rocket your website to the TOP!