Blogging today has become a very powerful medium of fast communication of information on the web. There are millions of blogs today on the web, thousands of blogs are being created every hour, and most of them are on on the free platforms, Blogspot being one of them. The popularity of blogspot originates from the fact that blogspot allows bloggers to modify the template and thus the blogger is in a position to serve Adsense and other ads on their blogs. And this is where the problem starts for the genuine bloggers.

Earning money online by serving ads on blogs seem to an easy solution, and so it lures many of them, who just copy the content created by others on these blogs, also sometimes synonymous with the term splogs, and try to make money. These splogs are sometimes able to make serious money, out of the content created by others.

This has two pronged effects on the genuine blog. First, it is depriving the original blogger from the benefits due to him, and more importantly, the process is also creating a web page, which has a duplicate content on the web. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Although Google is smart enough to judge, which is duplicate and which is original, by the indexing dates and other methods, but still there are chances that the original content is downgraded by Google just because a rogue has copied and pasted it elsewhere.

So what do you do in such a case.

If the splog is a Blogspot blog, which is the case in most of the Splogs, Blogger provides a easy solution for that. Simply Flag the splog, on the navigation bar, which blogspot provides on the top of their blogs.

However, if the splog has hid the navigation bar, which requires a simple hack of the blogspot template, then you can report the splog to Blogger by following following link.

Blogger/Blogspot abuse reporter tool

It has been reported that although it takes some time to Blogger to take action, but action has been taken.

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