Backlinks are the lifeline of a blog or website for that matter.

They give you the much important Google juice, which ranks your blog higher and higher in the SERPs. I don’t need to elaborate their importance, nor I consider myself to be an authority to speak on such a sensitive issue. The task can be better done by 5,61,763 SEO gurus, some of them are although self-styled. 😉

But the most important question before all the new bloggers is…

How to build backlinks for blogs in a competitive era

An extremely easy question to answer, but very difficult to implement. Just search for this question in Google, and I am sure you will get hundreds of advices. Some of them may be like…

  • Write great content; I know – I know, content is the king
  • Build relationships with other bloggers
  • Write articles on e-zines
  • Participate in blog carnivals
  • Indulge yourself in guest blogging
  • Participate in Link baiting
  • Exchange Links with other blogs
  • Scratch others back, I mean interchange reviews on each other’s blog
  • Submit to Blog Directories
  • Submit to RSS Directories
  • Submit to Social Networking sites
  • Submit here,
  • Link there…

OMG, the list is endless.

But in practice, this exercise is the most difficult one to implement, as it builds up gradully, unless you strike some wonderful ideas like John Chow or others like him.

What I offer here to build backlinks

So in such a competitive environment, I am starting my own way to build some crucial backlinks, which should appear to be natural and organic to Google. They will be helping both your blog, as well as mine.

These backlinks…

  • Will be doFollow links, meaning they will pass the Google Juice to your blog.
  • Will ride on Anchor text of your choice. The anchor text can change for different links.
  • Will be within my next few posts in next few days. This means, that I will continue to be writing my blog post as usual, but keeping the keywords chosen by you in mind. When ever I find a chance, I will link to your given URL, with your chosen keyword.

What you have to do

Just, send me the URL(s) to which you want a backlink, alongwith the keyword(s) of your choice for every URL. I will accommodate it within my next few posts.

What you have to do, in return

As I said, it is an exercise on mutual link building. I would also like to get the same favour from you. It will be one-to-one. The number of backlinks you want, will be exactly equal to the number of links you will have to give to me. The only difference is that, I will make the first move, and you will give the return favor within a week’s time.


Then drop me a comment here alongwith the the URL(s) and keyword(s). Or if you want to remain annonymous, you can use my Contact Form.

P.S.: I reserve the right to accept or decline any offer or request.