What is Webtool & Tips…

It is a personal blog, written by Silki Garg (me), a successful technocrat from India. It was born in October 2007, with a purpose to just add my two cents to the vast knowledge, which has been created by great scholars, thinkers, developers, marketers, customers, people around us, the intellectual readers of this blog, you and me.

Why Webtool & Tips…

This blog was started initially for providing some useful tips to solve the common day problems of not-so-geek type of computer users. Here we also try to discover the best of the useful contents, utilities, websites, which might make your digital life more productive and easy.

Within a short span of time, this blog has gained huge popularity, because of visitors and readers like you (Thanks), and today it is frequently visited by some of the die-hard geeks also.

How to  keep in touch with Webtools & Tips

If you find the content useful and interesting, why not subscribe to its RSS feed. If you are not very confident of using RSS, then you can also subscribe to get our FREE newsletter by email, to get the latest post delivered automatically right in your inbox. [NO SPAMMING, absolutely, I Promise].

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I value your million dollars advice, notes, observations, comments and also criticism. Please feel free to contact me at desinet1 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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